Muhsina Writers’ Hub

The first component of Muhsina Organization’s Goal is “uniting Muslimahs to share beneficial knowledge” and Muhsina is eager to have female writers to pick the topics they would like to write on keeping in mind that they are writing for those sisters around us who they love very much for the sake of Allah and they want for them what they want for themselves; which is to be in Jannah, close to our Rabb. SubhanAllah. With that view Muhsina is initiating it’s first project that is “Write For Your Sister“.

Muhsina invites sisters to publish their articles or any works relating to beneficial knowledge  here at the Muhsina platform.

Those who want to embark on this journey with Muhsina will be featured here soon, in sha Allah. And if you want to be a part of Muhsina Writers’ Hub then please join us by filling out the form at – Join Muhsina Writers’ Hub

In the Pursuit of Ihsan; Excellence in Faith …

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